BIANCHETTIARCHITETTURA can count on the almost forty years of experience of its founder and brings together from 2018 the activities of the architects Fabrizio Bianchetti and Gabriele Medina.

As far as architecture is concerned, several projects have been planned and implemented both for private (houses, offices, factories and hotels) and public clients (school, hospitals, museums, old people's homes, spas and thermal baths, expositions and trade fairs).

With regard to urban design and color, several color plans have been developed as well as city squares, lakeside promenades and green areas.

The other group, "BIANCHETTI Design", has been collaborating with several companies for many years, gaining thus experience in various fields.



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Sometimes, during work in historic buildings, it happens to come across finds: a hidden treasure, under many layers of plaster, which brings to light the ancient splendors of architecture. It happene...

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Monterosaterme on ImpreseEdili magazine

The demolition-reconstruction and expansion intervention, designed by Fabrizio Bianchetti - BIANCHETTIARCHITETTURA SA, with Architettura Tre, has delivered to Val d’Ayas a new and articulated wellness...

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Stop COVID-19 outside your door!

The new DOMOTICA VIGILA door equipped with a thermo-scanner for detecting body temperature and automatic opening (therefore without needing to touch any surface) was born from an idea by Fabrizio Bian...

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