SPA at Grand Hotel Terme di Comano


The extension project of the wellness centre envisages the recovery of the basement space of the Grand Hotel Terme di Comano to accommodate wellness and relaxation areas - to be built - that will complete the facilities of the hotel as well as a SPA area with pools, recently built, which extend outside, towards the park.

The intervention "opens" the underground hotel space, remodelling the ground towards the valley to allow a functional and visual connection with the park: the separation between inside and outside vanishes in a large window to emphasize the sense of continuity between the inside of the premises, the outdoor pools, the solarium and the park and to fully enjoy the light and the natural landscape.

As for the swimming pools, a constructive solution in stainless steel was chosen, because both this material doesn’t need maintenance and has a very long life cycle and because it is "neutral", capable of creating the effect of the turquoise-green water as it appears in nature. The passage in the water between the indoor and outdoor pools takes place seamlessly, so that the dialogue between the mirrors of hot water, the vapours and, further down, the river Sarca, is not interrupted.

CUSTOMER: Azienda Consorziale Terme di Comano (ACTC)


Concept and architectural project:

BIANCHETTIARCHITETTURA SA – Arch. Fabrizio Bianchetti (Group Leader)

Atelier 2 – Arch. Valentina Gallotti

Plants project:

Ing. Franco Zanca (Pools Engineering) - Impianti piscine

Digierre 3 – Ing. Fabio Corbani (eletrical plants)- Ing. Ferruccio Galmozzi (mechanical plants)


BIANCHETTIARCHITETTURA SA – Arch. Gabriele Medina (Group Leader)

Arch. Fabrizio Bianchetti - Artistic direction

Ing. Stefano Rossi – Structures operational management

Ing. Franco Zanca (Pools Engineering) - Plant operational management

Arch. Claudio Salizzoni – Safety Coordinator


stainless steel pools: Berndorf Mettal und Baderbau

swimming pool systems: Isola Verde Piscine I.V.P. srl

construction company: Ediltione S.p.A.