Category: Product Design

Location: Omegna (VB)

Year: 2020

Project:  Fabrizio Bianchetti Architect

Anti-COVID-19 project: DOMOTICA – VIGILA*. Armored door with face recognition opening and body temperature detection

* To watch: Be careful, use great care to make something happen the way you want.

Treccani vocabulary

The theme of protection the person, the home, of one's environment, in the contemporary world, assumes ever greater value and necessity: in particular during this health emergency, to avoid contagion, social distancing is recommended but in particular to recognize any carriers in advance, even unconscious, of the contagion through the control of the body temperature.

From these premises, was born DOMOTICA - VIGILA, a new door that integrates a double security and access defense. Blindato Effepi combines the usual qualities of resistance to burglary with an innovative facial recognition system, which can allow users to be selected for entry, and a precision thermal imaging camera to control the body temperature of the user who wishes to enter.

This useful solution for homes, but also for offices, shops, doctors' offices, banks, public places allows you to automatically guard and defend the access area without a dedicated operator.

A camera is placed on the external front of the door and is able to recognize users with or without a face mask and can activate, if set, the opening to registered categories of users (for example authorized personnel) or select the input of who wears garments (e.g. face mask) but the most relevant function consists in the automatic detection of the user's body temperature placed in front of the entrance door.

The image is displayed on the external screen and the temperature detected for user information is presented (see the image on the side). If the temperature exceeds the set limit, the door can be automatically locked to prevent entry.

The detected image and the recorded temperature are projected inside, in a viewer on the inside of the door or on a smartphone or on the display of the building's home automation system (if available) and from the inside you can decide whether to open the door. DOMOTICA - VIGILA a double defense that stops the dangers outside your door.