For some years, the Plana Cultural Association has promoted the Cadorna District in Milan. The Luciana Matalon Foundation together with others, support and they are partners in this important initiative.

The Totem MDC - Milan Cadorna District - designed by Arch. Fabrizio Bianchetti and realized in collaboration with Alfatherm S.p.A., it has information and signage function of the places of greatest interest of the District, and for the first time it has been installed in correspondence of the headquarters of the Foundation. The Totem includes a map of the neighborhood and USB sockets powered independently by a panel photovoltaics.
The system of historical-tourist information and street furniture, consisting of information totems and modules that can be combined (of sessions, bicycle carrier, jar or waste-bin holder), stems from the need to highlight, within the District, the areas of interest and to provide an informative support to guide the thematic paths: a sort of "gateway" to the emerging elements of the territory.