THE COLOR OF HEALTH – Chromatic and humanization project for Verbania’s Hospital on the IMPRESE EDILI magazine 

“A humanization project, through the careful use of materials, colors and artistic expressions, arises from taking care of man in his entirety, involves considering every aspect of his well-being, even the most elusive as the pleasure of beauty. Bringing a humanization project to the hospital means improving the quality of life, the quality of the places and therefore the well-being of the people who work there or have to take care of themselves there. For a health care center that wants to see the patient at the center, this is an important step, in a phase of redevelopment of the environments and the search for well-being for operators and patients. Designing interventions aimed at the aesthetic quality of hospital spaces is the first step in taking care of patients and people working in the hospital. A project guided by the conviction that these interventions are proceeding in the direction of the humanization of the places of care (in hindsight a paradox), but considered increasingly necessary. Renewing the role of the hospital through Color, Art, Design of finishes and furnishings by creating a more livable and human-scale environment, can help to make the time of care better, through a new vision of spaces, in which the attention is paid to the environment, patient well-being and working conditions of all operators. In dealing with the project for the restructuring of the Hospital, we have therefore developed a precise furniture project which, combined with the color coordination, will tend to develop a work environment and a more human-friendly place of care”.

Arch. Fabrizio Bianchetti

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