In these days, are starting the works for the environmental redevelopment and re-functionalization of the spaces of the Resistance Park in the heart of Borgomanero (NO), a project by BIANCHETTIARCHITETTURA SA

The general project provides for the redevelopment of the park areas as well as an improvement in the conditions of accessibility of the same and its connection with the historic city center through a set of targeted works including the redevelopment of existing paths with an architectural flooring with a "stone washed effect" and the redevelopment of the walkways inside the park along Agogna torrent with a concrete flooring with a more naturalistic effect, the creation of an open-air theater and the construction of the "Colors’s Garden" to redevelop the green areas and create an educational space through the planting of different types of essences present in the area.

It also envisages the creation of aggregation spaces such as areas for skateboarding, tables for table football, spaces for intercourse with relaxation areas and the arrangement of street furniture and lighting.

The works will start at the end of October and will end in April 2023.