Sometimes, during work in historic buildings, it happens to come across finds: a hidden treasure, under many layers of plaster, which brings to light the ancient splendors of architecture.

It happened during the works, for the restoration of a private space that we are conducting at the Palazzo Costa in Piacenza these days, that in a meticulous work of removal of the painting states, overlapping over time, seventeenth-century frescoes emerged. Palazzo Costa is one of the most important buildings in Piacenza, built in 1693 by the architect and painter Ferdinando Bibbiena. In the works carried out in our work, to obtain a new professional studio, on the ground floor of the building the original decorations of the Bibbiena were then brought to light, the wall mirrors that contained ancient tapestries were brought into view and the shortcomings were filled with a clear veiled tint capable of mitigating the gaps and significantly highlighting the historical frescoes. The cleaning of the surfaces and the recovery of the ancient decorations were carried out, under the high supervision of the architect Camilla Burresi of the Parma Superintendency, by the restorer Luca Panciera and will soon allow return in these halls a long dormant magnificence.

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