Since 1984 the City of Omegna has had a Chromatic Coordination Plan for the historic center. The first Plan, by Architect Fabrizio Bianchetti, was certainly one of the very first examples of color definition applied to the built environment and was the subject of numerous publications, studies and conferences that contributed to the dissemination and knowledge of the subject also in other geographical contexts.
The Plan, while still valid in its scientific and methodological system, has been in application for over thirty years and, therefore it has been subjected to a phase of verification of the results of application and adjustment, where necessary, of the investigation methods, of the knowledge gained and the legislation for cultural heritage and landscape at the same time, intervened.
The new Chromatic Coordination Plan, entrusted to BIANCHETTIARCHITETTURA (the associated studio of Fabrizio Bianchetti and Gabriele Medina), has been able to draw a real and operational proposal of intervention such as to present itself as a sign of the resurrected interest of the citizens towards the
own built environment. The coloring project of the historic center, therefore, is a starting point for further future research and studies aiming at the requalification and coordination of building restoration or maintenance interventions, able to affect the city image.

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