Since 1984 the City of Omegna has had a Chromatic Coordination Plan for the historic center. The first Plan, by Architect Fabrizio Bianchetti, was certainly one of the very first examples of color definition applied to the built environment.

The Plan, while still valid in its scientific and methodological framework, was updated in 2018 and was subjected to a phase of verification of the results of application and adjustment, where necessary, of the investigation methods, of the knowledge gained and the legislation for cultural heritage and landscape at the same time, intervened.

Among the innovations introduced by this update is the adoption of the NCS - Natural Color System - for color coding.

Thanks to NCS Color Italia for the support in the updating phase and the attention dedicated to our project which is included among the NCS projects on the website - PIANO DI COORDINAMENTO CROMATICO DELLA CITTÀ DI OMEGNA.

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