BIANCHETTIARCHITETTURA, with Ing. Stefano Rossi (structures), Ing. Giuliano Venturelli (technology of the facades), Maurizio Tori (plants), will take care of the executive project for the redevelopment of the Mi-Co area (Milano Congressi) and the view towards City Life. The new façade, with the reorganization of the paths and external spaces will play a primary role importance in designing the new skyline on the front of the park and will be an urban hinge between the different ones parts that make up the new neighborhood system.

Project for the redevelopment of the southern façade of the MiCo and new access from via Gattamelata
Client E.A. Foundation Milan International Fair
Final project: 404Design - Arch. Giuliano Valeri
Executive project:
BIANCHETTIARCHITETTURA SA (Arch. Fabrizio Bianchetti and Arch. Gabriele Medina)
Eng. Stefano Rossi (structures)
Ing. Giuliano Venturelli (façade technologies)
P.I. Maurizio Tori (plants)
Arch. Davide Davì (architectural lighting consultant)
Executing company: Notarimpresa SpA - group leader; CMM F.lli Rizzi

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