Another award for the project by the architect Fabrizio Bianchetti, with Architetturatre. They won the ITALIAN POOL AWARD 2016. Italian Pool Award is the award for excellence in Italian pool industry, founded on the initiative of the magazine “Piscine Oggi” it reaches to the sixth edition. During the Bologna event "Forum Pools" MonterosaTerme was awarded the first Prize as “Indoor Business Category”. Monterosaterme is in Champoluc in the municipality of Ayas (AO). Architect Fabrizio Bianchetti and Architetturatre (Arch. Paul Venturotti, Arch. Mauro Rosini and Geom. Luca Melotto) are the authors of the project. Having already won last October the prestigious international prize pool & Wellness Barcelona 2015, organized by ITeC -Institute of Technology of Catalonia, here, then, a new award for the design of Monterosa Terme with the Italian Pool Award in 2016.