Saturday 23 October 2021 the opening to the general public of the "little ones" and to the city of Omegna

 On Saturday 23 October 2021, on the occasion of the re-centenary of the birth of Gianni Rodari, the Rodari Museum was inaugurated: the Mayor Paolo Marchioni, helped by the first "little" visitors, cut the ribbon, inaugurating the start of tours inside the Museum. The children were the first visitors, followed by a large audience of adults. Immersing yourself in the Rodarian poetics among the technological installations that animate the museum has been for young and old a moment of learning guided by the smile and the amazement on their faces. Inside the Gianni Rodari Museum. A fantastic story visitors will experience new models of teaching and dissemination of intangible heritage centered on an unprecedented narrative path on the life and poetics of Gianni Rodari, who was born in Omegna on 23 October 1920.