The new DOMOTICA VIGILA door equipped with a thermo-scanner for detecting body temperature and automatic opening (therefore without needing to touch any surface) was born from an idea by Fabrizio Bianchetti, developed with BLINDATO EFFEPI, to respond to the containment measures of the Covid-19 infection risk.

The DOMOTICA VIGILA door combines in a single product the advantages of a security door with an innovative facial recognition system, which allows you to select the users enabled at the entrance, through a precision thermo-scanner for temperature control, that’s integrated into the door itself. This innovative system is able to avoid supervision by specialized personnel and furthermore, by integrating an automatic opening mechanism inside it, Domotica Vigila avoids direct contact between the user and the contact surface of the entrance handle, reducing the risk of contagion and thus reducing the obligation to sanitize.

The automatic opening of the door also ensures easy use for each category of users in adherence to the principles of Design for All.

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