The Plana Cultural Association, in defining the assumptions between design and ethics, has promoted many events aiming popularizing the culture of Italian design of quality, that is a design that offers functional products to the Person in its complexity been - at the sametime supported by an ethical behavior.

In order to expand its institutional activities, the Plana Association has given birth to ethics units in each Italian region.

The Ethics Presidi are the expression of the Plana Association in the territories and are composed of collaborators who work to identify the Companies, the Designers and the People who adopt the values ​​of the association in the territories. Discoverers of local places and activities, small and great treasures, linked both tradition and coherent innovation. 

The architect Fabrizio Bianchetti is called to coordinate the activities of the ethical presidium of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta. "It is an honor to acceptthis role for this territory, which reserves so much attention to ethical issues, sustainability and the ability to innovate without betraying, at the same time, its own history and culture. "