Terme di Comano

Project:  Arch. Fabrizio Bianchetti, Atzushi Kitagawara, Atelier 2, Digierre 3, Giampiero Imperadori, Fulvio Epifani e Paola Trivini

The project is aimed at the reorganization of the existing Comano spa complex in order to redefine a more efficient energy performance of the building envelope and a new image. The new intervention works on the following elements: big shells that reshape the skyline of the building housing a large photovoltaic system. An external coverage with wooden sunshades, a woven surface with variable pitches that create a "motion effect" protecting the façades. The energy retrofit is ensured by a solid passive isolation.

The project won the international competition held by the Company Consortium Comano and was drafted by the grouping composed of Fabrizio Bianchetti, Atzushi Kitagawara, Atelier 2, 3 Digierre, Giampiero Imperadori, Fulvio and Paola Epifani Trivini.