New wellness centre of Comano.

Project:  Arch. Fabrizio Bianchetti, Arch. Atzushi Kitagawara, Atelier 2, Digierre 3, Giampiero Imperadori, Fulvio Epifani e Paola Trivini

The new wellness center is identified with a contemporary architecture that is designed to lead the user to total contact with nature through architecture. The body of the building follows the slope of the ground and emerges with low constructions. The extensive leaf coverage evokes the chiaroscuro relations of the forest; architecture employs, in an innovative approach, the natural elements (light, material, water) and the spatial ones for a multisensory approach that aims at a holistic wellness. The project won the international design competition, held by the Company Consortium Comano and was drafted by the grouping composed of Fabrizio Bianchetti, Atzushi Kitagawara, Atelier 2, 3 Digierre, Giampiero Imperadori, Fulvio and Paola Epifani Trivini. It was developed in the stages of preliminary and final plans.

The project also won the award Fare Green 2001.