Bright words, Omegna

Category: Realized

Location: Omegna (VB)

Year: 2019 - 2021


Territorial scale Museum

The originality, the spirit of enterprise and the ability to innovate are constantly found in the history of Omegna and also in the most recent industrial past. Also in this case, in the need to initiate a profound urban renewal, to improve the urban image, the quality of structures and services and to move towards a tourist attraction policy, the choice can be innovative. Taking up again Rodari's pedagogical lesson, creativity can be put at the center of urban planning. As in constructing a story, Rodari teaches, you can insert two apparently distant words in an ordinary situation and working around these to bring up a new story so using a series of creative situations within the city we could give birth to a new path of urban regeneration. and around this build a new community.

From this intuition was born the idea of ​​extending the Rodarian museum in the territory through a series of interventions that, starting from the Museum itself, push the visitor to descend into the city to discover its most fascinating aspects: among these interventions we can find the installation of luminous words.

An interesting land-art intervention was applied in via Mazzini, starting from the front towards the street of the birthplace of Gianni Rodari, with the installation of a "sky" of luminous words. The words taken from a story by Rodari accompany the visitor from the birthplace towards the center (piazza del Municipio) and from here with a second section of luminous words (between via Carrobbio and the corner of via Alberganti) towards the Museum of Rodari.

CUSTOMER: Municipal Administration of Omegna

PRELIMINARY PROJECT: BIANCHETTIARCHITETTURA SA (Arch. Fabrizio Bianchetti e Arch. Gabriele Medina)  - as part of the emblematic interventions planned for the 2019 edition and co-financed by the Cariplo Foundation

DEFINITIVE AND EXECUTIVE PROJECT: AR.IN STUDIO Studio - Progettazione e Servizi per l'Architettura e l'Ingegneria Studio associato (MI)

Artistic Direction: Arch. Fabrizio Bianchetti -  BIANCHETTIARCHITETTURA Studio Associato

EXECUTION: Berto luminarie (CR)