NBA - New University Library.

Project:  Arch. Fabrizio Bianchetti (Team Leader), Eng. Salvatore Rabito, Eng. Giovanni Parietti, Arch. Giovanni Cavalieri, Arch. Pietro Giallogno, Arch. Alessandro Palazzo, Eng. Giuseppe Firullo, P.I. Ciro Lambro, Geol. Michele Zocco

The project involved the development of a new building for a new university library for Enna Kore-universities. The new building, with five floors plus the basement for the storage of books, opens towards the surrounding cityscape. The building is marked by tape horizontal openings; it develops between two hinges: the stairs illuminated by skylights, and the courtyard space. The outside porch, punctuated by stilts, forms the base of the building.

Competition for integrated contract.



Category: Culture

Customer: Ellepi s.r.l.

Year: 2014