Piazza Beltrami and via Tito Speri, Omegna.

Project:  Arch. Fabrizio Bianchetti (Team Leader), Arch. Cinzia Catena. Arch. Gabriele Medina, Arch. Gianluca Mazza, Arch. Armando Nettuno, Arch. Salvatore Marra

The subject area of intervention takes into account a wide central area of Omegna, of great environmental and historical value, being close to the parish church. The project has the enhancement of the local culture as the main theme for a wider urban and environmental regeneration process. In some cases, historical places and historical testimonies blend with the environment, creating street furniture or flooring designs that evoke images of the past and pay tribute to famous local personalities, even creating a cue to expand the theme of the narrative in the future to other parts of the city.

Design competition, 2nd place.


Category: City

Year: 2016